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Fit for Life

The Filo Project is one of just four organisations worldwide to be awarded a Fit For Life Foundation award, chosen from more than 350 applicants across 80 countries.

The Foundation awards grants of 100,000 euros to not-for-profit or social enterprises that are pioneering projects to promote life-long fitness, mobility, and health in ageing societies around the world.

The Filo Project was selected for the award in recognition of its work showing that a more intimate care setting allows people with dementia to grow in confidence, make friends, and reduce their risk of physical and mental health issues associated with isolation.

Fit of Life Philosophy Champion, Jack Lowe, said: "We are very proud to support the Filo Project, one of our Fit for Life Laureates 2023. Dementia care is a complex issue due to the fact there are no known treatments available yet.

“The Filo Project provides relief to carers and de-stigmatises people affected by dementia by treating them with dignity and improving their overall wellbeing through an agile, personalised, and scalable model."


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