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Our Vision

Our purpose is to provide a day care service which has high aspirations for what can be achieved for people who have either a diagnosis of dementia or a related condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. We also cater for those who have no formal diagnosis but are experiencing issues with their memory.

Via the small and intimate group sizes, we aim to give people the time and space to feel at ease, to flourish and to form friendships. No client is subsumed by a large group and confidence is gently nurtured.

It is our mission to respect and encourage peoples’ capacities for knowledge, wisdom and enjoyment. Our purpose involves a commitment to treating individuals with dignity.

Our hosts will be coached in The Filo way of working in order that they can really tend to individuals’ characters, characteristics, preferences, temperaments, capacities and incapacities.

An older white woman with grey hair smiles in the sunshine

Part of living or working well with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease includes engaging with families, friends or other interested parties. Our hosts are an anchor point during what can be an unsettled period in peoples’ lives. The building of the relationships between host, client and family members adds a welcome element of continuity strengthening stability at this time.
The Filo Project believes that the way to achieve the best ‘results’ i.e. enhanced wellbeing, is through a commitment to working with the essence of what it is to be a human. No bells, no whistles, no gimmicks and no ‘tick-box’ entertainment, but a focus on; vitality, living, friendship, laughing, and working in a time and space which encourages all of these.

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Our Values


Too often a dementia diagnosis leads to a reduction in independence,
however, we strive to preserve and encourage this where possible. A regular day out with friends, the Filo Project way, nurtures empowering feelings of independence and self-worth, which are vital for maintaining good health and quality of life.


Every one of our clients is welcomed wholeheartedly as a unique, equal and complete person, with a positive focus on their capacities, not their incapacities. Our small groups ensure that every individual is fully valued, no-one is left behind and all have the time and space to express themselves.


Each Filo Project day is different and unfolds organically, as is the way
among friends. However, for our clients and their families to feel fully secure we believe it is important that the basic framework remains constant.


Sharing forms the basis of our relationship-centred approach: a host
opens their home and personalised, quality care is the result of the contribution and collaboration of the whole group. Family carers are also supported, as they benefit from much-needed time to rest and recharge on their terms.


In a safe, comfortable environment among friends, joy and laughter come easily and naturally. It is everyone’s right to experience the richness and joy of genuine human connection, regardless of their stage of life.

An older man with a grey beard makes art in a room filled with plants
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