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Help us end the Dementia Tax

On 6th of February 2024 we launched our End The Dementia Tax campaign calling on the Government to change unfair VAT rules so families can afford the dementia care they need.


And we need your help.


We are a not-for-profit organisation but because of VAT rules we have to charge families an extra 20% on the vital day care we provide.


This is because we’re a Community Interest Company and not a regulated business or charity. 


We don’t think that’s fair.


This additional cost burden on Filo families means many can’t afford as much care as they need.


In fact since we were set up in 2014, families supported by The Filo Project have paid over £700,000 just in VAT for their day care.


We believe not-for-profit organisations like us, who provide welfare support and care, should be exempt from having to charge VAT.


If the Government removes this dementia tax in the Spring Budget, families could afford more days’ care and feel the benefit immediately. 



We need your help




A man with dementia sits with his arm around his wife who does not have dementia, they smile softy.

Georgie, who lives in Bridgwater with her husband Barrie who comes to a Filo Project twice every week, supports our campaign and says:


“The fact that not-for-profit organisations like The Filo Project have to pay VAT is unfair. The Government are making money from people with dementia and it’s like kicking someone when they’re down.”


“For some families, not paying VAT could mean the difference between going or not going to a Filo Project host.”


Thank you for your support.

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