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A Dementia Tax Campaign Update

On 6th February The Filo Project launched a campaign to change the VAT rules around not-for-profit care services. So far we’ve received almost 2,000 signatures and on Tuesday 20th February Libby and Liz delivered the open letter to No.10 Downing Street. 

Two women standing and a man, seated, holding placards
Liz, Libby and Peter in London

Unlike the NHS, dementia care is not free, and families must cover all or part of the cost themselves. In a cost of living crisis, we must do everything we can to make sure that dementia care is affordable and accessible to everyone that needs it.

Removing VAT would mean families that are struggling to afford dementia care, have a lighter load to bear, and more people can access services like ours.

We have had immense support from our clients and families, and we would like to thank them all for sharing their stories. In particular, Peter Kempton who came with us to Downing Street. Peter is from Exeter, and his mother Margaret attended a local Filo group. We’ve also heard stories from Bill and Kathleen Craven, David and Carol from Minehead, and we will share their stories on our website. Every personal story really hits home the importance of dementia day care services and the struggle for families who might be juggling bills just to ensure they maintain the quality of life for their loved ones, and the rest of the family. Dementia doesn’t just affect those who have a diagnosis, it affects everyone in the life of that person. The Filo Project exists to make life with dementia better for everyone.

With support from Simon Jupp MP, Debbie Abrahams MP, Ben Bradshaw MP and Anthony Mangnall MP we hope there’s a real chance that there will be change for families affected by dementia. To date, our families have paid an extra 20% on the essential dementia day care, that’s  £700,000 over the last 10 years. When things like bingo halls are exempt from VAT the government has shown that exceptions can be made to VAT policies, so why not for essential services for dementia care?

Unfortunately the dementia tax was not included in the budget on 6th March but we are continuing to raise this issue with as many MPs and members of the public as possible, the more support that we get on our petition, the more impact we hope to make in the future.

Thank you, from Libby, Liz and the rest of The Filo Project Team


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