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Enriching day care for people living with dementia and the challenges of older age

Devon   |   Somerset   |   East Lancashire   |   Cornwall

What a difference a day makes

The Filo Project is an award winning not-for-profit organisation which provides small group care days for people with early to moderate dementia and other challenges of older age; stroke, Parkinson's and sensory loss.  We operate in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and East Lancashire and delight in providing a warm, welcoming and familiar place where friendships are made and social isolation diminished. 
Within the nurturing environment of The Filo Project, the focus is firmly on individuals' capacities. Clients flourish, many experiencing positive changes in their symptoms and wellbeing. Families are also able to enjoy regular and extended respite.

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Filo Family Support

We believe it is important to build relationships not only with our clients, but with their families too. Caring for someone with dementia brings with it many challenges; if carers are well supported they are able to cope better with the demands placed upon them. In recognising this we are pleased to offer our complimentary Filo Family Support service.

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The Filo Project is really blazing a trail in elderly social care. They demonstrate that through developing close, caring and creative relationships, it is possible to bring the lost and lonely back to life. It is this kind of demonstration that helps build the more caring society so many of us crave.
- Kate, daughter of Mildred

Get Involved

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Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and East Lancashire

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If you are interested in working with us to bring The Filo Project to a new area we’d love to hear from you.

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Make A Referral

Our service is here for all, self funders and those who are eligible for financial support from their Local Authority.  For advice on funding in the first instance please get in touch.

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Work With Us

Thriving while living with dementia is dependent on others. We're looking for compassionate, adaptable, and curious hosts to help our clients flourish. 

Our Vision
And Values

Our vision is for all those experiencing the challenges of dementia to have the highest quality of life possible, rich in friendship, fun and feelings of self-worth.

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