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Lisa Earle

Service Manager

I moved to Devon from Southampton about 5 and a half years ago and came across The Filo Project whilst looking for my next job, having left Home Instead the year before. As soon as I read all about Filo I knew I needed to be part of it in any way that I could.

I started my Filo career as a Host, then Area Coordinator and later Team Leader for Devon. The last 5 years have been the most exciting in my career. I have felt and continue to feel so privileged to be part of something that is changing lives, not just the lives of the clients but their partners and extended families too.

Both my parents had dementia and I only wish they could have benefitted from a Filo day as it would have changed their latter years immeasurably. The memories of how they spent those years plays a big part in what drives my passion; working together to try and achieve for our clients and their families that which my parents never had the chance to experience.

In my spare time I love being with family (especially my grandson Rory!). I enjoy music, going to see musicals, eating out, watching films (particularly thrillers) and going to the beach with our dogs.

Lisa Earle
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