High quality day care in an intimate home setting

A day with the Filo Project begins around 10 a.m. when clients are collected from their own home by the host, and are then taken back to the host’s own home where they spend the day. A Filo Project day has some structure, and may include, for example, a crossword (more as a conversational prompt than knowledge test) music and general banter. Ultimately though, each group is different, and the flow of sessions is dictated by the preferences, capacities and personalities of the individuals within the group. Lunch is an important part of the day and it is never rushed because this gives clients and the host further opportunity to connect with each other. The session ends when clients are dropped off home again, around 4 p.m.

Within the supportive environment of the Filo Project, time and again clients gain confidence becoming revitalised in the process. At a stage of life where many older people find themselves often excluded The Filo Project provides a time and space where clients can engage in valued and valuable social roles and connectedness. Friends are made, laughter exchanged and experiences shared.

Transport is part of the service and all hosts’ cars are insured for business purposes.  Additionally, The Filo Project has Public Liability Insurance and undertakes a risk assessment of each host’s home.