A Day With The Filo

A day with The Filo Project is….

  • a day which relieves loneliness and isolation.
  • a day in which people can express their identities and creativities and forge new roles.
  • a day in which clients feel that they and their contributions are valued by the host and the other group members.
  • a day in which clients can feel secure and in which their confidence is boosted.
  • day in which clients’ individuality is able to be recognised, owing to the intimate nature of the group
  • the opportunity to have a day which is for and about the clients, it is their day.
  • a day in which friendships are formed
  • an experience which is warm and manageable.
  • a day in which ‘care’ is not hurried, but occurs at the pace of the clients.
  • a day where clients’ capacities and capabilities are focussed upon, not their incapacities.
  • a day in which everyone is equal; no one gets left out or ‘slips through the net.’