What a difference a day makes

What difference does a day make? A considerable amount is the answer. Here’s the proof, in the form of recent feedback from a client’s daughter as we resumed our service in May. 

Without Filo there was a big difference for my mum; she showed more anxiety and didn’t want to do anything at all. She had no interest in life at all and didn’t want to live. The local Mental Health Team became involved and my mum was on the strongest medication available. I had to take care of the tablets for fear of what might happen. I could describe my mum as being in a very dark place, the Mental Health Team were also very concerned about her wellbeing and offered her an emergency bed when one was available. outpatient alcohol addiction rehab new jersey

I am full of praise for Filo and the impact it has on my mum’s wellbeing. I can only describe 1 day with Filo as being equivalent to 3 days in my mum’’s life. One day is looking forward to the Filo day; one day at Filo and then the next day being able to talk about the day.’