Two new hosts join the Filo fold

We welcome to the Filo Family two new hosts, Sandra in Yeoford and Donna in Exeter.

Sandra, a mum to three sons and grand-mother to two, describes herself as ‘very much a family person,’ and she sees her work with the Filo as relating to this ethos. She is passionate about Italy and goes there as often as she can, although that’s not to say that she overlooks the beauty of Devon. Whenever returning from an Italian trip she says she always feels thankful to be living in such a beautiful county.

Sandra expressed how much she enjoyed her first day working with The Filo Project, particularly the relaxed and informal nature of the day and seeing clients ‘look so relaxed.’ Sandra appreciated the fun and laughter that occurred and the spontaneity of the session ‘you never know how each day will pan out, and that’s part of the beauty of it.’ Sandra articulated being excited about working with The Filo Project and seeing what their combined futures will bring.

Donna, also a mum to three sons, is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She has been keen to add another dimension to her working life which would be more sociable and enable her ‘to connect to people,’ hence her joining The Filo Project.

Donna had an all-male client group on her first day, plus her husband helping out on this first occasion. As coffee was served in the morning, one client requested ‘café plastique’ explaining that this was how his French wife referred to instant coffee. Thereafter, coffee continued to be referred to in ‘plastic’ terms. As the day unfolded it transpired that the three men all had plumbing in common, two had been plumbers and one had worked in the pipe business. A fascinating discussion emerged between the men about Operation Pluto or Pipe-lines under the ocean. This was a Second World War operation which was designed to supply petrol from storage tanks in southern England to the advancing Allied armies in France in the months following D-Day.

Lunchtime was a highlight for Donna and her chicken casserole was very well received. Naturally enough, lunch promoted further food-based chat and another strand joining the three men surfaced, which was a shared love of curry. That’s Donna’s next week’s menu planned! Donna felt that the lunchtime seating arrangement really helped with her clients’ interaction and bonding; overall she was happy to ‘see the chaps feeling at ease and at home’ and laughing.

It would be remiss for a Filo blog not to mention either custard or cream and, spoiler alert, but herewith is another eagerly anticipated custard anecdote, with a cliffhanger thrown in as a bonus. In Donna’s household it is her husband who always makes the custard, in light of his not being there in subsequent weeks, a master class in custard making became part of the session. As a novice in custard-ing Donna was an enthusiastic learner, but the question is, will she remember how next week?…….